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Apply for Zion Ponderosa Pines Camp

Updated: Mar 2

Zion Ponderosa Youth Camp Registration! (for Washington County & small towns up to Beaver)

This camp is for Type 1 diabetics. Who must be between the ages of 11-18 and they also must currently be in the 5th grade to attend this camp!

Dates: May 3-5, 2024

DEADLINE: for Registration and payment for 2024 camp - is April 12, 2024

Cost **Send immediately after registration.

$175 for each camper (Unless you volunteered with us at the 2023 Rodeo your cost is $80)

Use paypal to pay today and complete the application/spot.

(paypal address is:

It is listed below and will be in your confirmation email with your electronic signed WAIVERS as well.

Youth Camper's Guest/Friend (non Diabetic - If you are a guest of a Child with Type 1 it is the same cost as above)

Youth Leader (T1D - same cost as above)

**Adult Counselors MUST Get approval as Space is limited (no cost)

Application for everyone is here:

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