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How we run the WCDYA

WCDYA is an entirely local organization so the money we raise here in Washington County stays in Washington County to support our own diabetic youth. Being a “501(c)(3)” we focus on being a nonprofit organization that fundraises within our community. We rely on parent volunteers, volunteers in teh community and other business to help us as a community and fundraise to support our activities.


WCDYA organizes several annual activities for our youth with diabetes with the purposes of:

  1. Providing education to teach skills that promote healthy living.

  2. Having fun activities so the youth with diabetes can have an opportunity to meet and interact with one another.

  3. Giving the parents opportunities to meet each other and provide support.

All donations to WCDYA are very appreciated and make a very real difference in helping local youth and their parents cope with this disease.   Any questions regarding support of WCDYA you can use reach out to us on the contact form or via email.  Thank you in advance for helping support our community's diabetic youth.             

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